Personality Type Interview: INTJ Rose

interviewBEHOLD! THIS WEEK’S INTERVIEWEE IS A FEMALE INTJ! :O As rare as the Male INFJ, these mythical creatures are hard to find and when you find one…feel lucky! You’ve basically found a unicorn of a human 😀

Name: Rose

Age: Young Teen (13-15 years old)

Personality Type: INTJ

Gender: Female

About me: (LOL WHAT DO I SAY ABOUT MYSELF!?) I am a teenager who lives in Montana, a really cool part of America, where we often see all kinds of wild animals including bears, elk and millions of deer. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music while writing, writing on my laptop, writing longhand, and basically all kinds of writing…. (Agh, I seriously have no clue what to say here). I am also a fangirl – big-time. I like hanging out with my close friends but strongly dislike social gatherings as a whole. I hate meeting new people although I can do it if I make myself. =)

Me: When taking the test, did you ever receive a result that differs from your personality type now? Or have you always consistently been this type?

Rose: I received answers I didn’t think fit me completely. Although most of the answers were pretty accurate. I took it not that long ago, so I doubt I’ve changed much. I know from the time I was nine or ten to now, my personality has changed a LOT, though.

Do you think your personality type affects your writing at all?

R: Yeah, I can have my characters use cool sarcastic retorts that I come up with. 😛

Do you fit into any of your personality type stereotypes?

R: I’m not sure. Maybe the judging one. I know I tend to be very judging.

How do you handle positive emotions?

R: Emailing or calling my friends, OK, so my FRIEND, with whatever the good news is.

How do you handle negative emotions?

R: Listen to music on my iPod until I cheer up, writing in my journal.

How do you handle stress?

R: I don’t handle it! I HATE stress! I either have a meltdown or go cry or, if feeling particularly controlled, go do something that takes my mind off of it.

How do you deal with confrontation?

R: By staying in control and using sarcasm. If I’m really mad, I’ll yell though.

How do you take compliments?

R: VERY awkwardly. Smile and say thank you and hastily change the subject.

What’s a big misunderstanding about your type?

R: That we’re always perfectly in control of a situation and never get intimidated.

What’s a positive trait of your personality type?

R: We think. We don’t dive into something without practical thought.

What’s a negative trait?

R: We judge. Although I kinda like that in a way. =)

What personality types do you get along with the most?

R: INFP and ENFP. Now the only reason I say that is because I have two good friends with those personality types and we get along really well.

What personality types do you not get along with?

R: I don’t get along that great with my brother, so maybe ESTJ. LOL. Other people with my personality type intimidate me too.

Mind naming some of your hobbies?

R: Reading, writing, fangirling, but only with people I know well, obsessing, talking on the phone with my BFF…idk, my brain isn’t working right.

What are your favorite books?

R: Left Behind, Left Behind the Kids, anything by Louisa May Alcott, almost anything by L.M. Montgomery (including the entire Anne of Green Gables series of which I LOVE the last book), Bible times historical fiction like The Robe and the Big Fisherman, Les Miserables, some books by Charles Dickens, some books by Bodie Thoene, The Cross and the Switchblade, The Shepherd of the Hills, Viking Quest series (ok, so these are books I read as a kid but they’re still fun and made a huge impression on me), and of course my own book I’m working on which I ADORE.

Favorite movies?

R: God’s Not Dead, Courageous, Anne of Green Gables, and old classics

Favorite shows?

R: We don’t have TV, so I watch almost none.

You’re about to battle a dragon. What do you do?

R: Wake up. 😛 OK, so I ready my sword, try to act like I’m not scared in the slightest, and look with cool contempt upon said dragon until he turns and flees.

Do you think you could handle being a character in your own stories?