Writing Prompt Wednesday 4

promptMight have to try this one out myself 😀

Only a few more days before November 1st! Are you ready to write your hands off for NaNoWriMo?


*You proceed to write righteously*


NaNoWriMo Orlando Kick Off Party


Ohh look at that awesome NaNoWriMo sticker I got 😀

Yesterday was the Orlando Region Kick Off party and it was the first ever NaNo event I’ve gotten to attend. I was very excited (and nervous) to go and I’m very glad I did.

See the little blonde girl? That's me! At the mic stand is Brad Shreffler, Orlando ML.

See the little blonde girl? That’s me! At the mic stand is Brad Shreffler, Municipal Liaison for Orlando.

Despite showing up a little late, there was still cake and I got to chat with some fellow writers. It was really nice being able to talk my ideas out for NaNo and hearing others ideas 🙂  And getting a sticker made me happy too. I’ll definitely be hitting some of the other events!

(P.S. There would have been more pictures, but I had got so caught up talking. Luckily my mum was there and took a few pictures for me 🙂 )

cookesOf course all that talk of writing made me hungry, so the fam and I went over to Disney Springs and ate at Cookes Of Dublin. It’s one of our favorite quick service places there and worth checking out if you’ve never been.

Overall, I can say yesterday was an awesome day 🙂

Now cheers to the final prep week for NaNo!

Preview of me when I win NaNo 2015

Preview of me when I win NaNo 2015