Crackers…just crackers.


I recently downloaded the WordPress app but never got around to posting (heck, I haven’t posted even on the computer…yikes). So today I’ve decided to give it a go.

So what am I going to talk about today?

Crackers my darlings.

Homemade saltines, attempted for the very first time today. And you all get to hear about it.

For some odd reason I found myself slightly nervous to make them. Sure, everyone on Pinterest was raving how easy they were to make…but I don’t trust people of the Internet that easily.


My mum ended up sending me a few recipes then threatened me talked me into making them.

So I printed up The Prudent Homemaker’s recipe and got to work.

Now I did make some minor changes to her recipe. Instead of shortening, I used butter and instead of kosher salt I used Himalayan pink salt. And instead of kneading by hand, I cheated and did everything in my Kitchenaid mixer. The dough was a little dry so I added about a tsp of water and kneaded it some more.

The dough looked something like this:


It smelled like the butter fairies had come and kissed it.

Now that the dough was kneaded, I had to…DUN DUN DUN! ROLL THE DOUGH OUT!

I can do a lot of things, but rolling dough out sadly isn’t one of those things. After putting on some purple Hulk pants, I got really angry and rolled the dough out. It was fairly thin.


At this point I was tempted to throw that sucker on the pan and cook it up as one giant cracker. But no, I was a good girl and made it look pretty.


After that I used my pastry cutter to make a bunch of little squares (were all they all perfectly two inches? Hahahah…no.), plastered them with water and salt, and threw them into the oven. They took a total of 12 minutes to cook and came out looking like this:


They only look half eaten because as I was on my fifth cracker, I remembered to take a picture. Long story short, Mission: Crackers was a success.

So there you have it folks. After weeks of not posting all I have to offer to you is my adventures in cracker making.