Crackers…just crackers.


I recently downloaded the WordPress app but never got around to posting (heck, I haven’t posted even on the computer…yikes). So today I’ve decided to give it a go.

So what am I going to talk about today?

Crackers my darlings.

Homemade saltines, attempted for the very first time today. And you all get to hear about it.

For some odd reason I found myself slightly nervous to make them. Sure, everyone on Pinterest was raving how easy they were to make…but I don’t trust people of the Internet that easily.


My mum ended up sending me a few recipes then threatened me talked me into making them.

So I printed up The Prudent Homemaker’s recipe and got to work.

Now I did make some minor changes to her recipe. Instead of shortening, I used butter and instead of kosher salt I used Himalayan pink salt. And instead of kneading by hand, I cheated and did everything in my Kitchenaid mixer. The dough was a little dry so I added about a tsp of water and kneaded it some more.

The dough looked something like this:


It smelled like the butter fairies had come and kissed it.

Now that the dough was kneaded, I had to…DUN DUN DUN! ROLL THE DOUGH OUT!

I can do a lot of things, but rolling dough out sadly isn’t one of those things. After putting on some purple Hulk pants, I got really angry and rolled the dough out. It was fairly thin.


At this point I was tempted to throw that sucker on the pan and cook it up as one giant cracker. But no, I was a good girl and made it look pretty.


After that I used my pastry cutter to make a bunch of little squares (were all they all perfectly two inches? Hahahah…no.), plastered them with water and salt, and threw them into the oven. They took a total of 12 minutes to cook and came out looking like this:


They only look half eaten because as I was on my fifth cracker, I remembered to take a picture. Long story short, Mission: Crackers was a success.

So there you have it folks. After weeks of not posting all I have to offer to you is my adventures in cracker making.


Be Prepared! NaNoWriMo 2015 is coming upon us.

NaNoWriMo 2015 is near and the time to prepare has come…well okay already started. Hey! Better late than never right?

While planners are plotting and outlining, and pansters are hoping for the best, I’m there somewhere in between.

I typically find myself coming up with a general plot, the characters, and then I start a private Pinterest board for the story. I’ll take the MBTI test for my characters, do a little research, and let it set. Like a word stew, I put it on simmer for the whole month of October and when it comes time to serve…hope that it’ll taste good, er uh, write good?

anigif_enhanced-buzz-9380-1419700491-4Yeah that works.

I also do research on my character’s personality types and anything else I feel that needs my attention on (location, weapons, etc.).  But outside of that, I pretty much let the story flow.

That’s of course just prepping for the writing bit. 😀

I don’t have a job outside of the house *hisses at driver’s test, hisses at uniforms, hisses at schedules* and since I live with my family there, my job is…THE COOK!

cb7dde7854711eb5d17ebe28b169b09aThat means I have to plan the meals for the whole week, cook most of them, and come with desserts occasionally. That also means mother dearest has asked me to plan Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’m a little nervous, obviously excited, and well…honored.

Yes, it’s going to be a little stressful and a lot of hard work, but it’s going to be totally worth it. Of course my family isn’t the kind to just flop something in my lap and make me find for myself, so I will have help along the way.

99ffba45d531a71ea58ac18a7f9604a8What?! I couldn’t find a better gif to explain team work. Do you see those dance moves? Do you see how perfectly in time they are? Are you not amused at Captain Amazing, The Winter Sass, and The Fab!?

I am very amused mortals!


Anyway, time to hop off and start planning for Thanksgiving Dinner (and all of November’s meals).