Personality Type Interview: INFP Dreamer

interviewI’m a pretty big fan of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type theory, I’ve been taking the test for my OC’s for a while now. As soon as I learn their type, I research as much as possible on that type and go on YouTube and watch personality type interviews. I have always found the  interviews very helpful and thought it would be fun to do some myself one day.

Recently I asked my friends down at the Christian Teens Together thread on the NaNoWriMo website if they would be up for doing a Personality Type interview…Which of course a good bit of them said yes to 🙂 It has been a lot of fun asking them the questions and reading their answers.

So this is the first of many I’ll be posting through out the weeks to come. I hope you all enjoy reading these interviews 🙂

Name: Anon Dreamer

Age: Older Teen (16-19)

Personality Type: INFP

Gender: Female

Me: When taking the test, did you ever receive a result that differs from your personality type now? Or have you always consistently been this type?

Dreamer: I have not always been this type. I seem to exchange between ESFP and INFP.

Me: Do you think your personality type affects your writing at all?

D: Yes, because of certain aspects of the N and P respectively. Intuition and Perceiving for me are key when observing the world and people around me.

Me: Do you fit into any of your personality type stereotypes?
D: I’m not sure.

Me: How do you handle positive emotions?
D: I’d like to think I handle them fairly. I’m not afraid to show I’m in a good mood.

Me: How do you handle negative emotions?
D: Not so well.

Me: How do you handle stress?
D: Not good. But prayer has been helping me to deal with it, especially the stress that comes without rhyme nor reason.

Me: How do you deal with confrontation?
D: It entirely depends on what I’m confronting.

Me: How do you take compliments?
D: Fair. Yet sometimes I have tendencies to over-think them to the point that I wonder if some of them were genuine compliments.

Me: What’s a big misunderstanding about your type?
That we don’t like people I think, I’m not very well associated with the stereotypes that some people label personalities with.

Me: What’s a positive trait of your personality type?
D: Introvertedness, isn’t a downside; it just means that although we might not thrive on people for the most part, we still need interaction. This is the part where I am typically Extroverted, in that I love being around people, but only for set amounts of time, or depending on who I am with. Intuitive, you can pick up on the more subtler hints on people or situations without needing an entire story, but don’t run away with theories. Feeling, you need emotion, without them you’re a robot. Perceiving, again, you don’t need an entire story. You are able to gain more from something or someone that just what it tells you, this can especially help when you are having conversation, the subtle hints on how a person feels about a subject despite words or tone of voice.

Me: What’s a negative trait?
D: Introvertedness, you can easily become overwhelmed both depending on situation and company. Intuitive, you can discern more information than some people are willing to give, yet you pick up on things, or might remember small details to the point of being creepy. And if you go too far you can run away with a theory that may be entirely opposite the reality. Feeling, you may or may not be at times overwhelmed by emotion(s). Perceiving, also remembering small details to the point of being creepy, when in reality, you just pay attention. But sometimes we may do it unintentionally, especially with conversations or events that we found particularly memorable, whereas the ones we were with may have no recollection of it.

Me: What personality types do you get along with the most?
D: I’m not entirely sure.

Me: What personality types do you not get along with?
D: Not entirely sure.

Me: Mind naming some of your hobbies?
D: Writing (obviously!), drawing, and daydreaming.

Me: What are you favorite books?
D: The Blue Sword, and the Phantom Tollbooth are my two favorites above all. Close third and fourth would be The Horse and His Boy/Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and then Arabian Nights. All these stories have heavily influenced mine.

Me: Favorite movies?
D: Princess Bride, Tron (Original), and Hatari, are the top three.

Me: Favorite shows?
D: Leverage, Fairy Tail (anime!), and a couple others, but those two are what came to mind.

Me: You’re about to battle a dragon. What do you do?
D: This all depends. Am I in Fairy Tail or Final Fantasy?

Me: Do you think you could handle being a character in your own stories?
D: This entirely depends upon which story I’m entering. The first would be awkward at least, a bit of culture shock going back to the 40’s-50’s. The second I wouldn’t handle well, or probably last very long. Thirdly… nope I wouldn’t last there a day.

Other Notes?
D: Don’t rush us. We try to time things so that it works out for when we either speak or act. We sometimes just get overlooked due to not being “outspoken.” Yet even though I am a very loud introvert, it happens because that’s what people do. Just try to acknowledge the fact that we want to add to the conversation or the activity in our own way


Sisterhood of the World Blog Award

c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_tumblr_nndz4jmkxt1tegftro1_1280So something really amazing has happened. I was nominated not once…BUT TWICE for an award! *confetti explodes in the air*

Katie and Sarah from the Sister Project and  E.C. Jaeger from In the Character’s Shadow nominated me for a blogging award! I’m very honored and excited 🙂 Now go do me a favor and read their blogs! 😀

Here are the award rules, copied from their blogs:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
3. Nominate four other bloggers.
4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

So Katie and Sarah gave me only three, while E.C. gave me the whole load of ten questions 😀 I’ll answer their questions and then give mine 🙂

( If anyone doesn’t understand the concept of this whole award thing, check out this very helpful and detailed explanation.)

I’m fairly new to blogging, but here are four of my favorites that I am nominating:

And now for the questions 😀

Katie and Sarah’s questions:

1. Who inspires you? You can name anyone – someone you know personally, a historical or literary figure, a world leader, a celebrity… absolutely anyone that pops into your head.

There’s a lot of people who do, but I’ll have to go with my mum. She’s such a strong and amazing person and I’m incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

2. What hobby would you like to try with which you have little to no previous experience?

Hmm…I’ve always thought it’d be cool to get into robotics.

3. What book do you recommend we read to discuss in a future Sister Projects blog post?

Perhaps Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 🙂

Now for E.C.’s questions:

1. If you were stuck forever in any story, which one would you like to be stuck in the most?

LORD OF THE RINGS!!! Oh no! I have to be stuck in Middle Earth, oh my what ever shall I do? :p

2. Of all the villains and antagonists you have ever encountered in any story, which one would you least like to meet in real life?

I’d have to say Maleficent from the Kingdom Keepers series.

3. Who is your favorite animal character? (And no dragons. Only certified members of Kingdom Animalia, please. ;P)

Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. I honestly think she’s the reason I love spiders so much!

4. If you could ask advice from any fictional character in any story ever, which character would you ask advice from?

I would have to go with my character Neptune. She’s a siren who has been around for a while and would know a lot.

5. Do you prefer plot-driven stories (where there is more focus on what is happening outside the characters) or character-driven stories (where there is more focus on what is happening inside/between the characters)? (Most books fall somewhere in between, but weigh slightly heavier on one or the other side of the scale.)

Plot-driven stories. I feel that character-driven ones can sometimes focus too much on the characters and not enough on the story and what’s going on.

6. What author’s writing style would you most like to emulate in your own writing? (Note: I don’t mean their style of story or characters. I’m talking about the way they talk, the way they bend language to their will.)

Hmm…I guess Tolkien.

7. If you could be the sidekick (best friend, assistant, annoying shadow) of any hero/heroine in any story, which hero/heroine would you choose? (It doesn’t matter if said hero/heroine already has a sidekick or not. You get to replace them. Muahaha.)

I’d love to be Artemis Fowl’s best friend. Not only would he be someone of my intellect, but I’d have a bit of fun reminding him of my fairy knowledge and of the fact that I graduated school before him. We’d probably drive each other nuts and yet keep each other sane all at the same time. 

8. Characters have a tendency to make mistakes or choices that you would never make. If you could change one mistake/choice of one character from any story, what would it be?

That’s a hard one to answer because a lot of the time characters make mistakes for a reason.

Wait…I know what mistake I’d change. Susan’s mistake from the Chronicles of Narnia. You know the one I’m talking about. “I’m grown up now and I love makeup and I don’t need magic no more.” WELL GUESS WHAT SUSAN? NO NARNIA FOR YOU!

9. Which fictional piece of technology would you most like to own?

The Iron Man suit or a Lightsaber. Either would make me very happy.

10. You know that character you really want to be like? Which one quality of his/hers do you desire to emulate most?

To be honest, there’s no character I’d really want to be like. I’m very fond of who I am and I don’t see a reason to want to be someone else. But, I would pick Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. I really love her for her fearlessness. She rode into battle unafraid of pain, suffering, or death.

These questions were a lot of fun to answer, thanks guys! 😀

So here are my questions for the nominees:

1: What’s your favorite color?

2: Last book you read?

3: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

4: Favorite thing about Autumn?

5: Do you own any pets?

6: Twas the Night Before Christmas or The Nightmare Before Christmas?

7: What’s one of your favorite song lyrics?

8: Weirdest nickname you’ve ever been given?

9: What’s something you’re really good at but don’t really talk about?

10: World peace or world domination? 😀

Hope you all enjoyed reading my answers and went and checked out all the awesome blogs mentioned above 🙂

Marvelous Villains: A 3 part series dedicated to Marvel Villains (PART III)

MWHAHAHA- *coughs* *continues to coughs* *starts choking on a lung* *lung is currently coughed up*

Whether you’ve read the comics, watched the movies, or even watched the cartoons, it’s clear to see Marvel doesn’t make flat villains. They’re actual characters with feelings, backstories, families, friends, dreams, and goals. We may not agree with their ways of doing things, but we can at least understand them. Sometimes we may even find ourselves relating to them.

This series of blog posts will take an in-depth look at 3 of my favorite Marvel antagonists.

Now that the intro is taken care of, on with the blog!

Last week we talked about the Winter Soldier and this week we get to talk about LOKI!

I’m not going to lie, I’m very excited to write about the trouble maker. I mean, there’s a reason he’s one of my favorite Marvel Villains.

3e19e7eec18a4bf2e4784980b455b800The adopted son of the Norse god Odin…WRONG PICTURE!


Ah much better picture. Has that “I’m ready to rule the world” feel to it. As I was saying…

The adopted son of the Norse god Odin, Loki is commonly known as the god of Mischief and Magic. With a wave of his hand all sorts of chaos can unleashed. Thor becomes a frog, the seas become unruly, and your hands are where your feet should be. He gives little care to the destruction his games causes and he will do whatever it takes to control Asgard.

Our dear villain has often been tossed around as to what villain he truly is. Some groups claim he’s a poor tortured soul. Some claim he’s not even a villain, just doing what he wants. Some claim he’s just flat out evil. So what is he? Well, let’s take a look at his story.

Let’s go back to when Loki was a wee lad in the land of Jotunheim where the Frost Giants dwell. The Asgardians and the Frost Giants had been in a great war and during one of the battles, Odin slayed Laufey king of the Frost Giants. Remembering his father’s dying words to adopt the son of a fallen enemy, Odin took little Loki back home to Asgard to raise alongside his blood son, Thor.

Loki spent most of his childhood learning the art of magic and being a trickster, which he had a natural liking to. He also spent a good time of his childhood and young adulthood resenting Odin and the Asgardians for favoring Thor over him. Despite this, Loki and Thor had many adventures together and had a fairly good brotherly bond.

tumblr_m729oao4Cl1rnvzfwo1_400As the years went by, Loki felt more and more that he was nothing more than Thor’s shadow. When Thor leads Loki, Sif, and the Warrior Three (Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun) into a battle against the Frost Giants, despite there being a treaty, Odin punishes Thor for his rash action. He turns his son mortal and unworthy of wielding  Mjolnir (AKA: Mew Mew), and sends him to Midgard.

While Thor is being punished and far away from Asgard, Odin finds this a good time to take a nap and go into the Odinsleep.

fb448775a7b71c5d4306746c13f6e010Bad timing Odin. Bad timing man.

Loki takes this chance to claim the throne as his own. Of course Thor regains his power back and defeats Loki. But the trickster is no quitter and Loki continues to try and take the throne of Asgard! And so our villain is born and he’s more than ready to fill this role.

586cf37fe666df32cf6a1d1545e5e051Unlike Magneto and the Winter Soldier, Loki didn’t really have anything too tragic or awful happen to prompt his behavior. He wasn’t the most loved child and maybe he wasn’t treated the best, but I don’t consider that a logical reason to try and take over Asgard (or Midgard for that matter).

I’m not saying he doesn’t have a reason for doing what he does. Oh, Loki does have a reason.

d248b2f11c5ebe6d0ec86e7e421387d9That reason is he thinks he’s more worthy than Thor to rule Asgard. Just because he is simply better. And why stop at Asgard? Why not Midgard? Why not all the nine realms? From time to time he’ll even remind Thor of how no one loved or care for him. He’ll do whatever it takes to rule, because he wants to.

And that’s exactly why I love him. He’s a trickster, charmer, tongue twister, son of a Frost Giant, who will only want to see your kneeling before him. He has all the elements of the Classic Villain with his own messed up twist.

91ab5ddb160a9235b44b3a3b2837b489Oh and he’s the mother of a six legged horse…

a5d6785f0cff7e95c99c20f28f985e17                                                                         *Awkward*

So this wraps up my Marvelous Villains series and my first ever blog series. I hope you’ve all enjoyed these post!

Now why don’t you comment below who your favorite Marvel villain is! 😀

Other Folk of the Sea

cb72db7891b1ed9fddbc916262d2ce72It’s should be no surprise to you that I am a huge mermaid/sea myth fan, with the blog being called Freckled Mermaids all. So it should be no surprise that I am writing a post about the other folk of the sea.

Mermaids are probably the most popular of the mythical beings of the sea and are the most commonly used in stories. But I think it’s high tide (get it?) that we take a look at some of the other ocean dwellers.

Mermen: They’re basically male mermaids. They tend to be uglier and not as interested in humans as their lady counterparts are. Although some modern YA books make sure their mermen are hot stuff, so ugliness is optional.

Sirens: More popular than the others, but not as well known as mermaids, this seductive mermaid-like creature wasn’t always fishy. The whole myth of Sirens originated from Greek mythology. They were bird like women who would sit on rocks by the sea and sing, luring sailors to their death. Nowadays they still hold the power of voice, but are pretty much mermaids.

Selkies: A Scottish/Irish creature who is a human that lives in a seal skin in the sea. These creatures can shed their skin to come on land. Legend says if you’re able to find the selkie’s skin and hide it, it will be unable to go back to the sea. This is typically done more to the female selkies, since they’re said to make good wives. Something with longing for their home/sea makes them better then land women somehow. Not sure how that works.

Male selkies are described as being very handsome in their human form.

aaaeb2e71805a95d50f28cabfcb74ffbThey tend to seek women who are dissatisfied with their life. If a woman wishes to make contact with a selkie male, she must shed a tear into the sea.

They’re kind of like sea werewolves who don’t kill anyone and transform into to cute seals.

Melusine: Similar to a mermaid, but is a woman with either two fish tails or the body of a serpent. The most famous tale about the Melusine is Le livre de Mélusine by Jean d’Arras. In the story, Pressyne, a fey who marries a king on the one condition: he can never walk in on her bathing or her bathing her children. One day the king broke his promise, so Pressyne left and took her three daughters, Melusine, Melior, and Palatyne, to Avalon.

When Melusine learned what her father had done, she and her two sisters sought revenge. They caught him and locked him, with his riches, in a mountain. When Pressyne learned this, she was enraged and commanded Melusine to take the form of a serpent from the waist down every Saturday. In some versions of the story, it’s a two fish tails. Starbucks anyone?

I can just picture the test messages Melusine would be sending to her friends:

Rusalkas: They are nymph like creatures that are the souls of women who died in a violent way, either in or nearby water (mostly lakes). They are described as beautiful women who lure men to the water, where they drown them (those rascally rusalkas! Aren’t they just charming?)

They also enjoy dancing in moon light. Also, a rusalka can undo her fate by avenging her death.

Mami Wata: An African spirit or goddess, Mami Wata (Mother Water) is often said to be a mermaid and a snake charmer and can take a human form. She is described as beautiful, with long dark hair, wearing coiled snakes around her wrists, new clothing and jewelry. Due to her appearance, she is a sign of wealth and beauty.

Since she has goddess status, Mami Wata is said to control the ocean and is a very dangerous being-the “I CAN DESTROY EVERYTHING SUCKERS” kind. Because of this, she ends up getting a lot of the blame for the misfortunes that happen in the sea (Loki knows the feeling).

Mami watas and papi watas are the plurals of her and they comprise the vast and uncountable African water spirits.

Shorten Version of Mami Wata:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-30014-1368038055-15 7c1da50b81f70eea3d370af668419fec 201fe9c5af9dcae8c7ef3738986fef5b

Long story short if it’s in the water, it’s probably deadly, magical, dangerous, and beautiful…Unless you’re a merman. Then you ugly.


Marvelous Villains: A 3 part series dedicated to Marvel Villains (PART II)

MWHAHAHA- *coughs* *continues to coughs* *starts choking on a lung* *lung is currently coughed up*

Whether you’ve read the comics, watched the movies, or even watched the cartoons, it’s clear to see Marvel doesn’t make flat villains. They’re actual characters with feelings, backstories, families, friends, dreams, and goals. We may not agree with their ways of doing things, but we can at least understand them. Sometimes we may even find ourselves relating to them.

This series of blog posts will take an in-depth look at 3 of my favorite Marvel antagonists.

Now that the intro is taken care of, on with the blog!

Last week we talked about Magneto. This week we are going to talk about the…*room gets a little colder* Winter Soldier.

b58b4a1ed6de142ffc8c9b09f9d953adWith all past memories and all emotions removed, what we have left is a deadly and dangerous weapon. As you can see above, he’s not the kind of person you want to tick off. If you’re his target, he will find you and he will kill you, even if it’s just with a pocket knife. The Winter Soldier is one of Marvel’s coolest villains and has become one of my recent favorites.

And since he’s a Marvel character, of course he has a tragic but interesting backstory. 😀

Once upon a time Captain America/Steve Rogers had a brother in arms and best friend named James “Bucky” Barnes. Although in the comics Bucky was more of a side kick, in the movie he was more of Steve’s protector.

a3d8ed59f466bde2007811b472bd28e9The two have a special bond and the war (World War II, to be precise) only brings them closer. But sadly when Barnes joins Rogers on a dangerous mission, Barnes is lost in action.

By now the world knew Bucky as Captain America’s sidekick, but both in the comics and the movie, he was much more then that.  The lost is harsh on Steve, but it only makes him more determined to help end the war. Time goes on and during a final mission against the Red Skull, Captain America becomes a Capsicle.

9cc4ce8c502db38a70e8bc6d0ef5f6f3Over 70 years past by and he’s found by S.H.E.I.L.D. and in time to join the Avengers to help save the world. So Captain goes on being patriotic and heroic. Things are going pretty good. World War II ended, he’s still saving lives, and he’s even starting a new life. Then he hears about this deadly H.Y.D.R.A. assassin called the Winter Soldier, who not even the Black Widow could take out.  Steve knows this man has to be stopped…

That is until he sees who it is. It’s Bucky. It’s his best friend. Their eyes meet and all Capt can mutter is, “Bucky?”

The Winter Soldier simply says, “Who the hell is Bucky?”


Steve’s heart drops.

Feel that? That stabbing pain in your heart yet?

We soon learn that H.Y.D.R.A. found Barnes’ body. He was still alive but had lost his left arm. Wiping his mind and giving him a metal bionic arm, they train him to be one of their most deadliest assassins in the world. In the comics he even trained Black Widow herself.

Steve Rogers is determined to get Bucky back. Steve doesn’t care how much blood on his hands, how much memory is lost, or how deadly this Winter Soldier is. Because deep down inside is a good soldier, a good man, and his best friend.

Although others like Black Widow don’t believe it’s possible to bring him back, The Winter Soldier does start to remember him. And this terrifies H.Y.D.R.A. Because if their perfect little weapon ever learned who he truly was, he would most likely turn on them. And that’s probably one of the last things they want to happen.

Time goes on, Captain America is trying to get his best friend back, while The Winter Soldier is becoming conflicted and angry. 

c2d60bc7d1e29d3db5bde5b7767810c5He’s starts to remember and it doesn’t feel so good. He keeps being sent to do missions and this person who knows his real name keeps showing up. He can’t handle it. Because a pain overcomes him and he doesn’t understand it, so he becomes angry. Angry at Captain America. Anyway, that’s who H.Y.D.R.A. wants taken out right?

So the last thing we see in the movie is the two fighting and Captain America, Steve Rogers, backing out of the fight. Rogers can’t do it. So he just keeps talking to The Winter Soldier, hoping to get through to get through to Bucky. And just when you think Bucky is too far buried in this weapon, The Winter Soldier saves Captain America’s life.

You probably noticed that this was written differently than how I wrote the post on Magneto. That’s because we’re dealing with a completely different kind of villain. Magneto chose to be one, The Winter Soldier didn’t. He’s without a doubt a “Victim Villain”. He was simply there for H.Y.D.R.A. to bring more pain to Captain America.

*Eyes start to sweat a little*

Now I think it’s time we’ve cheered up a bit and talk about the other awesome things about the Winter Soldier.


Walkin’ up to steal yo girl.

Like his metal arm for example. The movie doesn’t even touch on all the cool stuff it can do! Does anyone know where I can get one? Also his outfit: Spot on assassin wear if you ask me. Black is always a go to for an antagonist. Although a full covering face mask is kind of iffy. I mean it’s great for masquerades and keeping your identity safe, but it might hinder your sight a little (unless you’re a ninja). And lastly: The bad attempt at smokey eyes.

Pretty sure every girl related to him right then and there when they saw that.

So that concludes part II.

Stayed tuned for Part III and the final post, because we’ll be talking about…*says in a really quiet whisper* Loki!

*Waits for the oncoming storm of fangirls*


Ice Cream, Murder, and Music.


I’m a writer and I’m crazy
Sadly I cannot drink dairy
And violence-wise, my mind is not the cleanest
But despite my talent at procrastination
And my pinterest, and my 7 kittiens
I’ve always yearned to be a published writer!
Can’tcha see my books sold world wide at book stores?
Actually making money off them?
Yep, I’d rather be called deadly
For my killer grammar and spelling!
Thank you!
‘Cause way down deep inside
I’ve got a dream

She’s got a dream!
She’s got a dream!


*Music dies down*


Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed my little musical number. Just pretend that it was the voice of your favorite singers serenading to you.

Lovely right?


Now you may be wondering if I can actually have dairy or not, and the thing is I can have butter, yogurt, and certain cheeses, but I can’t do milk or ice cream. You see the last time I had ice cream I was at Magic Kingdom and it was late at night, I’d say about 12 am (sometimes the parks stays open till 1 am!)

We (my family and I) were kind of celebrating and such, so I thought “Why not have the giant ice cream cookie sandwich the size of my head?!”

I get about half way through and think, hmm better not eat the whole thing. I ate both cookies though! 😀 So it’s all good and fun till I get on the monorail. Not only was I tooting the whole ride back to the parking lot, but right across from me was a drunk woman. A drunk 40 year old on her honey moon. And what was stranger was her parents were there as well. (Awkward much?!)


So as I’m tooting, she starts to sing to her new husband “Do you wanna build a snowman?!” over and over again. Right in his face too. At first I felt bad for tooting up a storm, but by this point I’m hoping that it smells so bad that she’ll hopefully pass out.

She doesn’t. To make it all worse, the woman wouldn’t sing the whole song, just “DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?!”



Does this story have anything to do with writing? Well I manged to come up with 5 ways to kill that woman in my head, so yes, I say it does.

Anyone else have dairy issues? Please comment below!

Marvelous Villains: A 3 part series dedicated to Marvel Villains (PART I)

MWHAHAHA- *coughs* *continues to coughs* *starts choking on a lung* *lung is currently coughed up*

Whether you’ve read the comics, watched the movies, or even watched the cartoons, it’s clear to see Marvel doesn’t make flat villains. They’re actual characters with feelings, backstories, families, friends, dreams, and goals. We may not agree with their ways of doing things, but we can at least understand them. Sometimes we may even find ourselves relating to them.

This series of blog posts will take an in-depth look at 3 of my favorite Marvel antagonists.

Now that the intro is taken care of, on with the blog!

Now as the oh so famous actor Tom Hiddleston said:

“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.”

A lot of people like to apply this to Loki Laufyson, but I find this quote more fitting for Magneto.

14b932ad1355efd582ccead1d8538c77One of my favorite villains of all time, he’s mostly known as the X-Men’s main antagonist, a mutant who has the power to control all magnetism. An INTJ with a plan, Magneto is one of the most intelligent and terrifying Marvel villains.

He also has a pretty tragic back story.

When Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) was young, he watched his family get brutally murdered by the Nazis. He then was sent to the Auschwitz death camp where he and other Jews were forced to operate the gas chambers, ovens, and fire pits of the camp.

He eventually makes it out, gets married, and has a daughter. But tragedy strikes when his wife and daughter are trapped in a burning house started by a mob. Max is able to use his mutant powers to save his wife, but not his daughter. In his anger and grief, Max unleashes his power and slaughters the nearby humans. His wife, who is terrified, leaves him.

f7da0eb02bb2f6aacb1f350cf06fbeb3Ow, right? On top of that, he starts to notice the mistreatment him and his fellow mutants are dealing with. The government is constantly on their backs and normal every day people treat them like freaks. It gets Max thinking:

If humans can be cruel to each other, what’s stopping them from being cruel to mutants? What’s stopping them from creating another Holocaust, with mutants as the target?


Max becomes afraid. And not the “I need a night light and teddy bear” afraid, more like “I’m a caged tiger and they can do whatever they want to me” afraid. This is the point when Max becomes Magneto.

1c409b68d4634cc713732ff2153fa2cdMagneto feels that mutants are better then humans. He also feels that humans need to be stopped altogether. He begins to gather mutants who think like him and start a group called the Brotherhood of Mutants. Magneto is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the mutants, dangerously so.

Why? Because deep down inside of Magneto is  a terrified Max Eisenhardt. Max just wants the mutants to feel safe. He doesn’t want another young boy to see his family brutally murdered. He wants mutants to live happy and normal lives.

a4d44cefc69d2ebd7cf422cf44438ab9And what’s more terrifying is the fact it’s somewhat understandable.

If your family was killed brutally, wouldn’t you want revenge? If you saw the possibility of another Holocaust happening, wouldn’t you try and stop it? If you are more knowledgeable, more powerful, and overall better than everyone, wouldn’t you want to rule the world? Wouldn’t you make it a better place?

Sounds logical right?

For you maybe. All of these would work nicely for you, but sadly life doesn’t work like that. The world is filled with a lot of people and we can’t forget them in the process.

That’s why Magneto is a villain. Because in his mind, the only thing that matters is him and the mutants. He doesn’t realize he’s causing the same pain he faced to someone else. Magneto thinks he’s helping everyone, when in the end, he’s helping no one but himself.

None the less, all of this makes him one of my favorite villains. Everything he does, makes sense in some way or another. He’s not a mindless killing machine. He’s a person who is stranding up for his rights, his beliefs, and his people.

Also the whole “I can lift metal objects with my mind and crush people with them” is freaking awesome too. 602cadd777211af7b2a72f0b6d2c9fbfSo what kind of villain would I call Magneto? He’s what I’d classify as a “Logical Villain”. Magneto has a very logical and valid reason for why he does what he does. He also doesn’t always rely on his powers to get the job done. Sometimes all it takes are the right words at the right time.

There was also a time when Magneto created a whole Island for mutants and stopped trying to killing the humans. That was a nice time.

f180072d8368572c52308a053d0b6620Anyway, that’s enough of Magneto and his marvelousness.

Stay tuned for Part II: The Winter Soldier!

*Fangirls start to sob in the distance*

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