Personality Type Interview: INFP Dreamer

interviewI’m a pretty big fan of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type theory, I’ve been taking the test for my OC’s for a while now. As soon as I learn their type, I research as much as possible on that type and go on YouTube and watch personality type interviews. I have always found the  interviews very helpful and thought it would be fun to do some myself one day.

Recently I asked my friends down at the Christian Teens Together thread on the NaNoWriMo website if they would be up for doing a Personality Type interview…Which of course a good bit of them said yes to 🙂 It has been a lot of fun asking them the questions and reading their answers.

So this is the first of many I’ll be posting through out the weeks to come. I hope you all enjoy reading these interviews 🙂

Name: Anon Dreamer

Age: Older Teen (16-19)

Personality Type: INFP

Gender: Female

Me: When taking the test, did you ever receive a result that differs from your personality type now? Or have you always consistently been this type?

Dreamer: I have not always been this type. I seem to exchange between ESFP and INFP.

Me: Do you think your personality type affects your writing at all?

D: Yes, because of certain aspects of the N and P respectively. Intuition and Perceiving for me are key when observing the world and people around me.

Me: Do you fit into any of your personality type stereotypes?
D: I’m not sure.

Me: How do you handle positive emotions?
D: I’d like to think I handle them fairly. I’m not afraid to show I’m in a good mood.

Me: How do you handle negative emotions?
D: Not so well.

Me: How do you handle stress?
D: Not good. But prayer has been helping me to deal with it, especially the stress that comes without rhyme nor reason.

Me: How do you deal with confrontation?
D: It entirely depends on what I’m confronting.

Me: How do you take compliments?
D: Fair. Yet sometimes I have tendencies to over-think them to the point that I wonder if some of them were genuine compliments.

Me: What’s a big misunderstanding about your type?
That we don’t like people I think, I’m not very well associated with the stereotypes that some people label personalities with.

Me: What’s a positive trait of your personality type?
D: Introvertedness, isn’t a downside; it just means that although we might not thrive on people for the most part, we still need interaction. This is the part where I am typically Extroverted, in that I love being around people, but only for set amounts of time, or depending on who I am with. Intuitive, you can pick up on the more subtler hints on people or situations without needing an entire story, but don’t run away with theories. Feeling, you need emotion, without them you’re a robot. Perceiving, again, you don’t need an entire story. You are able to gain more from something or someone that just what it tells you, this can especially help when you are having conversation, the subtle hints on how a person feels about a subject despite words or tone of voice.

Me: What’s a negative trait?
D: Introvertedness, you can easily become overwhelmed both depending on situation and company. Intuitive, you can discern more information than some people are willing to give, yet you pick up on things, or might remember small details to the point of being creepy. And if you go too far you can run away with a theory that may be entirely opposite the reality. Feeling, you may or may not be at times overwhelmed by emotion(s). Perceiving, also remembering small details to the point of being creepy, when in reality, you just pay attention. But sometimes we may do it unintentionally, especially with conversations or events that we found particularly memorable, whereas the ones we were with may have no recollection of it.

Me: What personality types do you get along with the most?
D: I’m not entirely sure.

Me: What personality types do you not get along with?
D: Not entirely sure.

Me: Mind naming some of your hobbies?
D: Writing (obviously!), drawing, and daydreaming.

Me: What are you favorite books?
D: The Blue Sword, and the Phantom Tollbooth are my two favorites above all. Close third and fourth would be The Horse and His Boy/Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and then Arabian Nights. All these stories have heavily influenced mine.

Me: Favorite movies?
D: Princess Bride, Tron (Original), and Hatari, are the top three.

Me: Favorite shows?
D: Leverage, Fairy Tail (anime!), and a couple others, but those two are what came to mind.

Me: You’re about to battle a dragon. What do you do?
D: This all depends. Am I in Fairy Tail or Final Fantasy?

Me: Do you think you could handle being a character in your own stories?
D: This entirely depends upon which story I’m entering. The first would be awkward at least, a bit of culture shock going back to the 40’s-50’s. The second I wouldn’t handle well, or probably last very long. Thirdly… nope I wouldn’t last there a day.

Other Notes?
D: Don’t rush us. We try to time things so that it works out for when we either speak or act. We sometimes just get overlooked due to not being “outspoken.” Yet even though I am a very loud introvert, it happens because that’s what people do. Just try to acknowledge the fact that we want to add to the conversation or the activity in our own way