Marvelous Villains: A 3 part series dedicated to Marvel Villains (PART II)

MWHAHAHA- *coughs* *continues to coughs* *starts choking on a lung* *lung is currently coughed up*

Whether you’ve read the comics, watched the movies, or even watched the cartoons, it’s clear to see Marvel doesn’t make flat villains. They’re actual characters with feelings, backstories, families, friends, dreams, and goals. We may not agree with their ways of doing things, but we can at least understand them. Sometimes we may even find ourselves relating to them.

This series of blog posts will take an in-depth look at 3 of my favorite Marvel antagonists.

Now that the intro is taken care of, on with the blog!

Last week we talked about Magneto. This week we are going to talk about the…*room gets a little colder* Winter Soldier.

b58b4a1ed6de142ffc8c9b09f9d953adWith all past memories and all emotions removed, what we have left is a deadly and dangerous weapon. As you can see above, he’s not the kind of person you want to tick off. If you’re his target, he will find you and he will kill you, even if it’s just with a pocket knife. The Winter Soldier is one of Marvel’s coolest villains and has become one of my recent favorites.

And since he’s a Marvel character, of course he has a tragic but interesting backstory. 😀

Once upon a time Captain America/Steve Rogers had a brother in arms and best friend named James “Bucky” Barnes. Although in the comics Bucky was more of a side kick, in the movie he was more of Steve’s protector.

a3d8ed59f466bde2007811b472bd28e9The two have a special bond and the war (World War II, to be precise) only brings them closer. But sadly when Barnes joins Rogers on a dangerous mission, Barnes is lost in action.

By now the world knew Bucky as Captain America’s sidekick, but both in the comics and the movie, he was much more then that.  The lost is harsh on Steve, but it only makes him more determined to help end the war. Time goes on and during a final mission against the Red Skull, Captain America becomes a Capsicle.

9cc4ce8c502db38a70e8bc6d0ef5f6f3Over 70 years past by and he’s found by S.H.E.I.L.D. and in time to join the Avengers to help save the world. So Captain goes on being patriotic and heroic. Things are going pretty good. World War II ended, he’s still saving lives, and he’s even starting a new life. Then he hears about this deadly H.Y.D.R.A. assassin called the Winter Soldier, who not even the Black Widow could take out.  Steve knows this man has to be stopped…

That is until he sees who it is. It’s Bucky. It’s his best friend. Their eyes meet and all Capt can mutter is, “Bucky?”

The Winter Soldier simply says, “Who the hell is Bucky?”


Steve’s heart drops.

Feel that? That stabbing pain in your heart yet?

We soon learn that H.Y.D.R.A. found Barnes’ body. He was still alive but had lost his left arm. Wiping his mind and giving him a metal bionic arm, they train him to be one of their most deadliest assassins in the world. In the comics he even trained Black Widow herself.

Steve Rogers is determined to get Bucky back. Steve doesn’t care how much blood on his hands, how much memory is lost, or how deadly this Winter Soldier is. Because deep down inside is a good soldier, a good man, and his best friend.

Although others like Black Widow don’t believe it’s possible to bring him back, The Winter Soldier does start to remember him. And this terrifies H.Y.D.R.A. Because if their perfect little weapon ever learned who he truly was, he would most likely turn on them. And that’s probably one of the last things they want to happen.

Time goes on, Captain America is trying to get his best friend back, while The Winter Soldier is becoming conflicted and angry. 

c2d60bc7d1e29d3db5bde5b7767810c5He’s starts to remember and it doesn’t feel so good. He keeps being sent to do missions and this person who knows his real name keeps showing up. He can’t handle it. Because a pain overcomes him and he doesn’t understand it, so he becomes angry. Angry at Captain America. Anyway, that’s who H.Y.D.R.A. wants taken out right?

So the last thing we see in the movie is the two fighting and Captain America, Steve Rogers, backing out of the fight. Rogers can’t do it. So he just keeps talking to The Winter Soldier, hoping to get through to get through to Bucky. And just when you think Bucky is too far buried in this weapon, The Winter Soldier saves Captain America’s life.

You probably noticed that this was written differently than how I wrote the post on Magneto. That’s because we’re dealing with a completely different kind of villain. Magneto chose to be one, The Winter Soldier didn’t. He’s without a doubt a “Victim Villain”. He was simply there for H.Y.D.R.A. to bring more pain to Captain America.

*Eyes start to sweat a little*

Now I think it’s time we’ve cheered up a bit and talk about the other awesome things about the Winter Soldier.


Walkin’ up to steal yo girl.

Like his metal arm for example. The movie doesn’t even touch on all the cool stuff it can do! Does anyone know where I can get one? Also his outfit: Spot on assassin wear if you ask me. Black is always a go to for an antagonist. Although a full covering face mask is kind of iffy. I mean it’s great for masquerades and keeping your identity safe, but it might hinder your sight a little (unless you’re a ninja). And lastly: The bad attempt at smokey eyes.

Pretty sure every girl related to him right then and there when they saw that.

So that concludes part II.

Stayed tuned for Part III and the final post, because we’ll be talking about…*says in a really quiet whisper* Loki!

*Waits for the oncoming storm of fangirls*