Personality Type Interview: ENFP Remi

interviewThis is the first Extrovert interview and I’m very happy to be posting it 😀

Name: Remembrance “Remi” Baker

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality Type: ENFP

Say a Little About Yourself: Hi! I’m Remi. I’m bubbly, outgoing, very compassionate, and a tad bit crazy. I love musical theatre and acting, singing, and all that jazz (Sorry bad pun! Couldn’t help it! 😉 ) I love standing out and standing up for things I believe in.

Me: When taking the test, did you ever receive a result that differs from your personality type now? Or have you always consistently been this type?

Remi: I’ve always been an ENFP. Never changed.

Do you think your personality type affects your writing at all?

R: Absolutely. I don’t write very well with the dark depressing matters and elaborate on the happy, fluffy moments.

How do you handle positive emotions?

R: I generally love to share it with the world, even excessively to the point where they get annoyed. Generally frozen yogurt is required during extremely positive stuff.

Negative emotions?

R: Oooh. I have a strong fiery temper, which can fly off the handle a lot. I’ve always been this way even when I was little. When I’m sad, I over-react…a lot.

How do you handle stress?

R: This one is a biggy for me. Its very easy for me to snap under pressure and completely break down. I’ve found while researching a lot of ENFPs have PTSD from a stressful event (myself included). I tend to have block out where everything just goes dark. I can hear you, but its my brain’s way of handling stress.

How do you deal with confrontation?

R: This, I’m pretty good at. I can come up with witty retorts on the fly. But if I’m in a depressed mood or recently experienced a PTSD flashback or etc, I bundle up and accept everything they are saying.

How do you take compliments?

R: I thrive on compliments. Its something that gets me going. If someone notices my work or something about me, it makes me proud and want to achieve more.

What’s a big misunderstanding about your type?

R: I think in general people think we are happy all the time. Guess what? We’re not. There are times where I just want to drop everything and curl up in a ball.

What’s a positive trait of your personality type?

R: We’re bubbly, willing to make friends, and can’t hold grudges very well. Like, I think the longest I’ve held a grudge is a week.

What’s a negative trait?

R: I tend to blame myself for every little thing that happens. It’s all my fault, even if I’m not in control of it.

What personality types do you get along with the most?

R: Most of the time, an IN. We balance each other out nicely. My best friend is an INFJ.

What personality types do you not get along with?

R: Hmm…well, I’ve never asked my ‘enemies’ what personalities they are, but I don’t get along with arrogant, straight-minded people, or ones who think that everything they say is correct in life.

Mind naming some of your hobbies?

R: I love to be onstage, acting, singing, dancing, and performing in general. I also love to write, be it poetry or novels.

What are you favorite books?

R: Handpicked by Melissa Gunther, Celia’s Journey (also by Melissa Gunther), The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Fester, and all the Harry Potter books.

Favorite movies?

R: Hmm…I don’t really watch movies often. It’s too mindless, too much sitting for me. Probably the Harry Potter movies if I had to pick.

Favorite shows?

R: Reba is definitely one of my favorites. I love to laugh! Others are Agents of SHIELD, and Psych.

You’re about to battle a dragon. What do you do?

R: Insist on going alone. I’m not brave or courageous; I hate to put any of my friends or family into danger. From there I’d probably hide until I figure out their weak spot and form a plan.

Do you think you could handle being a character in your own stories?

R: If it were based only on being an ENFP, then absolutely. But I have Hashimoto’s disease, where a side effect is getting sick if I over-exercise. A lot of my stories have tons of action and fantasy battles, in which I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But mentally? Yep!


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