Gettin’ Bloggy with it (Na na na na na)!


*Proceeds to dance like all the cool 90s kid did*

*Realizes you’re all picturing me dancing*

*Stops dancing*

 Hello! First blog post! Exciting right?892dc59d7900eb90007bca111b9d6855

First thing: If you’re looking for a typical blog, then look no further! No, actually, turn around and run. Run really fast. Because I don’t plan on doing what’s typical or expected of me, and certainly not what’s normal. The name of the blog is Freckled Mermaids. I’m not going for normal here.

I’m going for unique. Not that “LOOK! I MAKE UNICORN CAT COLLARS AND SELL THEM ON ETSY” unique. More of the “LOOK! I WRITE ABOUT UNICORN CAT COLLARS AND SEND IT IN TO PUBLISHERS!” unique. Sadly my story about the unicorn cat collars hasn’t gotten anywhere with the publishers, so I’m working on different things at the moment.

Such as a blog.

And a fantasy book series, with fairy tale parallels, a trilogy about dragons, and an Alice in Wonderland inspired comic/graphic novel, on top of the other million  story ideas. Also cooking and baking. I do that a lot (eating what I make too).

I don’t think I need to say it, but I’m going to anyway: I am a writer. And that is why I’m doing this. I’m going to give tips, advice, and share with you my journey as a writer. But unlike other blogs, I don’t want you to get a peek into my life (that’s kind of creepy and stalkerish man). I want you to get a peek into my mind.

Which leads into why I write. I’m an INTP, a thinker.

3f3a15e1b0b888c3b01b7f402a80b3f9-I’d like to add I’m aware that Sherlock is an INTJ and not an INTP, but I just needed a really cool gif of someone thinking. Don’t judge me.-

I think a lot, it’s a hobby of mine. Call me arrogant, but I dislike the thought of the world not knowing a taste of my mind. I want someone to read my stuff and think “Wow…I get this. I think like this…It makes so much sense.”

As I mentioned above I like to cook and bake. I also like to eat. I don’t think about food as a form of energy or a source of sustenance. To me, cooking and baking are forms of art. So yes, food will be talked about from time to time. And if I’m feeling really artsy, I might even post recipes.

At this point you might be wondering, “This is nice and all…but freckled mermaids? What do they have to do with this?”

A lot actually. I have freckles all over me. My parents have freckles. My brother has freckles. A lot of my friends and family members have them too. I love freckles. I probably have freckles in my soul.

I also love mermaids and often like to think I am one myself. When you’re always finding salt in your hair, glitter on your face, and a love for the color blue, it starts to make you wonder…

Now I’d love to go on and on all day about freckles and mermaids, but I’ll save those topics for more blog posts.

I’ll also talk about books, fictional characters, movies/TV shows, my inner nerd, MBTI and other personality type stuff, and much much more!

You’ll get all of this for the small price of 5 payments of 19.95 (plus shipping and handling)!!!

Just kidding! If anything, I just want loyal readers who will be rooting for me and my works.

Okay, I would like money also.



5 thoughts on “Gettin’ Bloggy with it (Na na na na na)!

    • At the part “I also love mermaids and often like to think I am one myself. When you’re always finding salt in your hair, glitter on your face, and a love for the color blue, it starts to make you wonder…” was my explanation for why mermaids ;D And it’s cool…No one but me (and anyone who reads the comments) will know your true identity :p

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry I must have over looked it! But I really did enjoy reading it! Good thing I can trust u (and who ever has enough time to stalk comments) to never let the cat outta the bag xP Nice to meet u tho!


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